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The Company: Our Strategic Vision

The facts. The supply chain is constantly evolving. Within the retail fashion and consumer products sector, offshore manufacturing dominates the market. Our expertise in serving the GOH (garment on hanger) distribution in Canada continues and is significant. However, garments that were traditionally distributed in this manner, are also being packed in more traditional methods to reduce the costs involved with international shipping.

The solution. As the “go to” transportation, warehousing and distribution company for Canada’s retail fashion community (including but not limited to GOH), we are determined to spread the word and grow our business further within our fashion niche. To adjust to the changing supply chain dynamic, we have utilized our extensive network to include other consumer products that need retail transport and distribution. There are synergies realized in combining fashion and clean freight* that gives us a competitive transportation advantage. An advantage that delivers a significant benefit to our customers…especially those with “high care”, “high service” requirements.

*Defining Clean Freight: Commodities that can travel with our existing Fashion freight consolidations without detriment to either product, are destined to retail stores and outlets we serve on a scheduled basis and need to arrive in pristine condition for retail display and sales. These include but are not limited to 

  • Appliances from toasters to vacuums
  • Video games and controls
  • Consumer electronics
  • Communication and photography products
  • name a few

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