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Services: Clean Freight Logistics

Clean Freight best describes the type of freight that complements our long-standing fashion niche. Basically, if you want your goods transported and distributed in pristine condition and only placed with other freight that cannot harm the condition your goods arrive in, Remco Does!

We’re exactly what manufacturers of electronics, computers and peripherals, accessories, office supplies and other consumer goods have been looking for… a premier carrier for their high value goods. If we can deliver tuxedos across the country in ready-to-wear condition, just imagine the high care and attention to detail your consumer products will receive.

Our experience in the garment industry has prepared us well to deliver the level of service and customization that vendors to Canada’s retail industry need to stay competitive. From just in time delivery to complete pick and pack distribution, from merchandise consolidation to quality control inspection, label manufacturing and more, Remco does!

Available services for your clean freight needs:

Fashion Distributors and more! Toronto • Monrtreal • Vancouver